Benadir University Peace Center

Iftiin Foundation has partnered with Benadir University (BU) to launch the Center for Peace and Social Innovation in Mogadishu and as part of that partnership is housed at the University.

We at Iftiin Foundation believe that the education sector plays an integral role in promoting peace and supporting changemakers who can contribute to development. We also believe that universities can play a very big role in stimulating innovation, which is why BU serves as a perfect base for Iftiin. BU’s mission of training the next generation of leaders and peacebuilders in Somalia is very much in line with Iftiin’s vision of affecting change through youth changemakers.

Benadir University (BU) is a community based national academic institution founded in Mogadishu, Somalia by a group of senior Somali physicians and academicians. This was a natural response to the total destruction of the state owned Somali national University and the need to address the shortages of qualified professionals in the country in view of the massive brain drain during the extended civil war – especially in the fields of health, education and in other key sectors. The BU vision was to establish a quality university education applying modern teaching & research technologies and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.

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